Female hair length?

What’s the actual rules on how female hair has to be, particularly how long? Looking at getting my hair cut really short, but not sure on dress regs and the like, tried the ap and its not much help. Do I just follow the rules for the boys or something?


0150. Female personnel are to arrange their hair in a manner that permits the Service Dress cap to be worn correctly; hair is not to show under the front or peak of the cap and the style is to be kept neat and no longer than the bottom edge of the collar at the back of the Service jacket.

Extreme styles of haircuts and colouring are not permitted, if the hair is dyed or highlighted, the colour chosen is to be natural and in a uniform shade appropriate to the individual.

Narrow fabric covered hair bands (scrunches) may be worn with working dress, but must be inconspicuous and either of a similar colour to the hair or black. Fabric hair bands are not to be worn on parade. Combs, when worn, must be plain and of a similar colour to the wearer’s hair.

Exceptionally, when required on tasks or training which requires them to wear safety equipment, females with long hair may wear their hair in a ponytail if this facilitates safe fitting of such items. When the need to wear this equipment has passed, the hair must be put up. The OC Wg / Wg Ex O / CCF OC Test shall be the arbiter upon what is or is not an acceptable style or length of cut.[/quote]

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Where it refers to “Service Dress cap”, also read read "Beret"
Where it refers to “Service jacket”, also read read “shirt”

The following paragraph is from the inspection criteria in the ACO standard drill competition and is worth bearing in mind:

When it says Scrunches, does it actually mean scrunches?

i.e. I always thought that this was a scrunch:

I don’t care what it means; it says “scrunches”!

You’re far too pragmatic for your role. (It’s a welcome breath of fresh air)

it is discrimination that females can have longer hair than males.

in the same way with skirts :wink:

What do you mean by this?

This thread is 6 years old, I don’t even know if the users are still around here to answer the question.

I wouldn’t read too much in to it though, just continue reading the regulations in the other threads you’re active in.

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