Female cadet wearing male shoes

I have been asked by one of our new female cadets whether she can wear male style shoes when in working blues. She already opts to wear trousers, so I don’t think they would look out of place.

To be clear, the cadet identifies as female and that is her birth gender, so this simply a case of the cadet’s personal preference on shoe type. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t allow for this?

No. I’d allow it.

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It states in ap1358c para 0322 that females can wear male shoes in forms of No2 SD for better fit/comfort.


Indeed they can as stated above.

If they want an option that is less obviously ‘male’ pattern then the service DMS shoe also comes in a non-toecap version and there are plenty of civvie type shoes that will match.

As long as she knows they might not fit her as well as “female” shoes, crack on.

Definitely a try before you buy situation.

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Definitely comes under the heading of ‘more important things to worry about’…

If 1358C hadn’t explicitly allowed it, I’d only have worried if e.g. she was a Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet meeting the Queen. Which one of mine did, once, on his first official duty - opened the Queen’s car door and saluted smartly. What an opportunity!

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Excellent - Thank you

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