FDTC Weston-on-the-Green

ACTO 54 has been updated.

  1. FDTC Weston-on-the-Green. Currently, due to catch-up following COVID, additional safety restrictions and a lack of suitable equipment, the Force Development Training Centre (FDTC) Weston-on-the-Green (WotG) is unable to host cadets for parachuting and consequently, the opportunities to conduct parachute camps is suspended until further notice.

I notice that it hasn’t been updated to remove the JSPC aspects either - as we’ve been written out of JSP419, attending JSPC courses are no longer an option either.

Ouch. You might want to let someone know :joy:

I mentioned it earlier this year.

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Is there a way to get access to up-to-date JSPs via the defence gateway?

EDIT: Found it, never mind. (assuming Oct 2019 is the latest?) That’s on the ArmyAT area.

I didn’t realise they actually ran course :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Not sure. The decision to remove was made in Nov 2019 so it may not have made it into the document yet, but the email trail from MOD (SO2 RF&C) says the policy has taken effect.

Is this JSAT wide or just parachuting? As that 2019 version doesn’t list CFAV/over 16 cadets but the 2014 one does!

JSAT wide. It has made it into the document then.

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Yep, the part 1 has a list of who can access it. 2019 is definitely missing reference to cadets or CFAV searching the whole document.

It was removed because of this quote in JSP814:

5.2 Adventurous Training (AT) and Sporting Activity

15.2.1. JSP 419 – Adventurous Training in the UK Armed Forces – does not apply to the Cadet Forces which are not part of the UK Armed Forces. However, many of the underlying principles (clear policy, formal authorisation of activities by an appropriate person, safe system of training, SQEP instructors, risk assessments, etc) are applicable to CF adventurous training activities.

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Interesting looking at the different versions and how it’s changed.


34. AT courses and expeditions are available to Regular, Reserve and Cadet Forces in the following order of priority:

a. Regular – in order of operational readiness.
b. Reserve – in order of operational readiness.
c. Officer Training Corps.
d. Cadet Forces Adult Personnel.
e. Cadets aged 16 and over are eligible to participate in proficiency level courses.


  1. Eligibility. JSAT courses and expeditions are available to the following:
    a. All Regular Service personnel.
    b. RN/RM Reserve, TA and RAAF personnel (including Cadet Force Adult Volunteers).
    c. University Officer Training Units.
    d. Officer Cadets.
    e. Cadets5.
    f. Specialist Instructional Officers (SIO) employed in a JSAT role.
    (5 Cadets over the age of 13 may participate in AT, and those over 16 may undertake Foundation courses. There is no entitlement or authority for cadets to undertake Leader or Instructor courses.)

2019 (current?):

  1. Eligibility. T2, T3 and T4 JSAT activities are available to the following:
    a. All Regular service personnel.
    b. All Reserve Forces personnel.
    c. Officer Cadets.
    d. University Officer Training Units.
    e. Specialist Instructional Officers (SIOs) employed in an AT role or where AT
    delivery is included within an SIO PT’s Job Description.

But we can still be used by them as instructors… I nearly got a place with an army reserve unit as a ski instructor earlier in the year, but had a work clash.

Seems fair.

Was that not more as a paid instructor, rather than volunteering?

We could always resurrect Exercise Dutch Courage…


Doesn’t change that I’m a CFAV though. If they can use us to deliver the courses, why can’t we be allowed on the list to benefit from them?

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Because generally anyone can be an instructor on a freelance basis, but not everyone can go on JSAT courses.

I’m game for this

Pffft, none of that round-parachute lawn dart nonsense.

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I was only a meer teenager when they used to run :frowning: