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I need to do my refresher training for FCI. On the fieldcraft page there’s a link to the place to do it which is through defence gateway. This isn’t liking my @rafac.mod.gov.uk email however - anyone got any tips on how to register with defence gateway?

Try this one:



You have to register separately - use your RAFAC CIN with ACO in front of it otherwise it’ll happily let you register but give you access to nothing.


I’m just here to appreciate the squirrel replying to the secret squirrel.


Can you share a link to this.

Havent heard anything about being able to renew FCI via defence gateway. Is this a Corps wide thing?

FT is dead where i am, wing FTO isnt doing nowt.

Yeah it is a corps wide FCI refresher package that was developed by TDT to give people a basic refresh on some of the things that they should have been taught to be an FCI.

There are a lot of questions coming in from people who weren’t originally taught some items which is mildly alarming.

Have a read here:

Linky no worky

Link doesnt work here either…

What does completing this allow / enable.

That seems to vary depending what Wing/Region you are in and your FCI Qualification / Experience.
I’m within my three year requalification criteria so I’ve been told that once I do the online refresher then I can carry on with FC Training. I’ve done the online refresher and actually didn’t learn anything so my original training must have been spot on :wink:
I know others are doing the online refresher and a F2F CPD Day before been allowed to do FC Training, so probably best to get in touch with WFCO or RFCO to see what they are wanting.

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Fieldcraft Instructor CPD Training

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It’s not mandatory, just a tool for people to use to help refresh their people before doing some practical delivery.

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Refresher training is mandatory in SW pre delivery of any FC

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Yeah, some of the RCs have opted to go that route.

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Mine is mandatory to keep doing Fieldcraft!

In any rate - thanks @Squirrel!

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