Favourite Cadet or Military Acronyms & Abbreviations

Completely stealing this from a LinkedIn post - what’s your favourite acronyms and abbreviations?

I’ll start. Whilst it’s now changed its name, there used to be a Trent Wing Athletics Team in my region.

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The first one which comes to mind is the Wing Physical EDucation Officer.

Would’ve thought a youth organisation would have more foresight :joy:


You beat me to PEdO. I’ll go away and think of another.

one year the Stn Gym was used for cadets showering etc on Summer Camp… notice said “Out of bounds except air cadets between 0600-0700 by order of the PEdO” made me chuckle every time I saw it :rofl:


Had a PEdO get jokingly cross with a cadet for pointing this out once. Not for the rudeness but because it only works if you’re a Septic, otherwise the spelling needs an “a”

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could the station plastic surgery professor be called the Physical Alteration EDucation Officer?


If someone annoyed me I always liked to slip in the comment, “There We Are Then”. Juvenile perhaps but made me chuckle inside.


Always gave everyone a laugh, yes you’d think that (especially in these enlightened tmes :D) the Headshed would have replaced the term with something more PC than “Paedo” - yes I know it’s P Ed O but no-one ever says that hehe

This isn’t an excuse to swear, circumvent the swear filter or generally post awful things.


I always said P Ed O… it was years before I caught on to PEDO… how thick am I (don’t answer that !)