Fat Mans number 1 jacket and trouser


Can anyone point me in the right direction to where I might be able to find a set of fat mans number 1s. i am looking for a 48" Jacket and 40" trousers.

For what rank?

I’m not alone then!, i’m also after a pair, but 42" waist would be more comfy, Sergeant and also a 48" jacket, i’m 6ft 2"


I have the backend that resembles beyonce and have always found issues finding no1s that fit right…really should be get some tailored ones but the cost is extortionate

Try Clothing Stores at RAF Cranwell for starters. and if they have anything that might fit ask them to send to your parent station Clothing Stores for you to try on.

That’s why those who have put on a couple of lbs buy a new one.