Fairbourne camp 2019


Hellooo I was just wondering what do you do on fairbourne camp, what do you you need to bring, how many people are there, do you need a high level of fitness, what’s the accommodation like and things like that? I’m just really interested and considering doing it and was hoping to get an overview about what it’s like.


I’m guessing this an Adventure Training camp run by your wing. In which case the exact activities will depend upon the staff and qualifications available. However, you can expect things like paddling (Kayaking and Canoeing), hill walking, ghill-scrambling/Canyoneering (Where you go walking along rivers and waterfalls and jump in wearing a wetsuit and buoyancy aid) Mountain biking is popular also. Basically anything is possible, it’s North Wales and the outdoors is there for the taking.

In terms of fitness, they won’t be expecting top quality athletes, there will be activities for all levels.

I haven’t personally been to Fairbourne, but I’ve heard the accommodation is reasonable, it can’t be too horrible as the RAF only handed it over from their own use a year or two ago.

If you need to sell it to your parents, cost is a good place to start, a comparable week away with your school would cost hundreds of pounds, as opposed to our camps which will probably be well under a hundred.


They have a facebook page which shows accommodation etc so it be worth looking at the page


The accommodation is pretty decent (for an ex RAF camp) with a good size drying rooms and private shower cubicles. The food is ok but there is some weird choices by the caterers (although you get 3 choices of main so not really an issue) and the puddings are normally really decent. There is now a bouldering wall in the centre and a kit store that any AT staff member will love. There is a low and high rope course 5 miles up the road (but as far as i know its not signed off as safe yet)

Dependant on your staff there you could get the following:
Mountain biking at Coed y Brenin (awesome fun)
Walking/Mountaineering (Cadair Idris is the normal choice)
Some camps go to Plas y Brenin for paddleboarding/raft building & low ropes. Some go caving and some go ghyll scrambling.
Outdoor or indoor rock climbing.

Normally you will head down to the beach on an evening for sports and general down time, there is a big projector in the main hall that we put some movies up on for a couple of nights.

Its a busy week and you need a good attitude to giving everything a go but fitness is not normally a limiter. By day 2 you will be knackered like everyone else.

Dependant on your location you are travelling from, take plenty to read/watch/listen to on the way down and back, once you get into wales the going is slow as the roads are not really designed for coaches!

Although i am guessing you are a cadet, for any staff going i will pay anyone £50 who does not set off the trackers in the white fleet minibuses. I got 1 marker every single day and i was driving like a saint, the roads round there are not trimble friendly! Although if you drive the 4x4 be prepared to be killed every time you corner as its almost as bad as the windermere 4x4!