FACS flying coveralls no more forage caps: just berets

I’ve heard that the option of wearing forage caps when in flying coveralls is not being extended over into the Future Aircrew Clothing System, following the withdrawal of the Mk17 suits.

It’s to be “berets only”, to maintain compatibility with standards for PCS combat clothing (as opposed to currently, when in fact nearly all forms of headgear are allowed in No14 dress)…unless anyone has information to the contrary.

I feel this is going to be a real shame, and a genuine break with RAF dress traditions.

Some people do not like wearing forage caps, but nobody could disagree that they are both easy to carry when wearing coveralls, and do properly look the part in that context.

Of course, the above applies to RAF/RAFR, and hasn’t yet been applied to RAFAC.

Perhaps 2FTS pilots will get away with still wearing forage caps, whereas 6FTS ones won’t have that option…and maybe I’m being serious.

Burn all forage caps. Everywhere.
They make anyone look like a douche.

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Also… how difficult is a beret to carry!

agree… very much agree

I’m not even going to say that things are wrong anymore I’m just going to say that they are “Paracetamol”


Aha…I’ve just done some quick digging myself, rather than relying upon rumour. And the situation is slightly-more complicated than I’d originally been told…

So it appears there are at least two types of FACS flying coveralls, standard green training versions, and both an overall/two-piece MTP ‘combat’ version. These MTP ones (“PCS CU”) must be the variety that forage caps are not to be worn with…am I reading that right?

That’s how I reading it

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Meh, not really sure what the problem is - working dress changes all the time. Look how different the RAF Regiment’s operational dress is now compared to 1942.

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For Aircrew you hat is something you wear in working dress when you have stopped working though.

Funny how paracetamol is always the solution though…
Especially to a whining headache like your forage cap winge.

Same with the Regiment and the beret then really.

Exactly that, it’s part of the corporate identity more than for an actual reason.

There are 2 types of FACS.

  1. MTP style which is basically a set of MTP but which is fire retardant and has more suitable pockets available for aircrew.

  2. Flying suit FACS.

The problem with the MTP based FACS is that it looks like MTP so to be perambulating in ‘MTP’ with a Chip Bag on is just not done, hence the requirement to wear a beret to stop the SWO ripping you a new one.

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I reckon that they should just can the regular one, and stick with the MTP style - simples.

The only issue is that they’d all then look exactly like regular people.

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