Facial Hair

I have been looking around the forum and although their are a lot of post about hair and hair length but I cannot find any information about facial hair.

My son is 14 yrs old and has started growing a lot of facial hair to the point of starting to grow a light beard.

Is their a policy about shaving and if so what is the policy and how much facial hair is allowed if any.

Could someone please show me if facial hair is part of the uniform code and if so where in the uniform code is it listed.


I was in a similar predicement a while ago. The facial hair policy can be found in AP1358C which can be accessed from Cadet Portal under Uniform. Specifically Page 23 Paragraphs 151 and 152.

There’s more to it than that, though I can’t find it. Beards are permitted but there are certain conditions that need to be met. The best thing you can do @ChapterMaster is to get your son to speak to his Sqn staff.

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Your son needs to contact the Wg Cdr via Sqn OC to request permission to grow a beard.

From permission being granted your son will have 2 weeks (from clean shaven) to grow a full shaped beard that has a minimum hair length of 2.5mm (Grade 1) and maximum of 22.5mm (Grade 8). Full beard - not patchy, consistent coverage, no goatee beards

On the 2 week anniversary the WWO will review to give him permission to keep or he will be requested to shave it off as it’s not to the required standard.

On a side note - if your son was to return to Sqn once face to face resumes and this process hasnt been followed they will probably be told to shave.


Thanks for the very useful information and I will have a talk with him before he goes back to face to face meetings.

Also fyi and Each to their own but I failed to meet the required standard in 2 weeks and I’m 30

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I’m not at the required standard since lockdown. There’s a random thin patch on my cheek.

The rest is past permissable :crazy_face:

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It would take a special kind of person to order the removal of a perfectly acceptable beard just because it was grown during stand-down and prior permission wasn’t requested - only for them to then apply for permission and grow it all over again.

If this lad turns up with an acceptable beard anyone with half a brain will just put the request in and say “He’s already got it, and here it is for approval”.

If it’s not an acceptable beard then he could conceivably get two weeks grace to further grow it, but being realistic if it hasn’t grown in in three months, another two weeks isn’t going to make a difference.


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