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Could be, wouldn’t be surprised if he checo does get dropped if red bull are under risk of losing the constructors

Interesting, I actually think that Sainz would be better off going to Williams than Red Bull and if he does get the Red Bill seat I think all the RB drivers and Liam Lawson need to consider their futures.

Assuming lawson doesn’t get a seat next season he’s free to look elsewhere

I think we could see a classic Red Bull mid season switcheroo… the question is who will come from RB to Red Bull.

Red Bull are keen to retain Checo due to the international sponsorship he brings in.

There is also talk of Williams replacing Logan Sargeant before the end of the season!

I’m amazed they haven’t already done that!

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Yeah I expected him to be out already.
Maybe during the summer break?

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Problem is if they really want Sainz it might make more sense to keep him until the end of the season.

So there was comment by Will Buxton yesterday that Williams might have gotten bored waiting for Sainz to commit and that they might be going with Danny Ricciardo instead