Experiences on camps/events

Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experiences from camps or even events that they deem worth sharing. I think it would be nice to see if anyone shares the same experiences?

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I’ve been on a few camps with very busy schedules so it’s tough to pick a particular experience or event since I thoroughly enjoyed all of it! That said, here are a few of my favourites:

  • Having a tour of the Red Arrows hangar with all of the aircraft in it, as well as talking to some of the engineers and mechanics

  • A private airshow at RAF Syerston, with a car show full of Aston Martins and Ferraris

  • Getting to see the heritage hangar at RAF Wittering with different iterations of the Harrier, with an ex-harrier pilot tour guide

  • Getting a flight in a Chinook


Giving my experience as a cadet here (currently a CI after taking a few years out for uni, so haven’t managed to get on a camp now I’m back in just yet) - but I definitely do have some good highlights!

  • Spending my first fieldcraft camp doing a night exercise on (what once was) RAF Lyneham (and getting arguably the best dessert from a ration pack on the whole camp)
  • AEF in a Squirrel at Shawbury in my first actual summer camp
  • Being able to try the helicopter training at Shawbury with a VR headset (and having little to no margin of error with the actual training)
  • The various IRN-BRU slushies of RIAT 2018 (and a shout out to Canberra Flight of that year for being the loudest flight on camp)
  • Being able to meet the prior Commandant (Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty) and getting a selfie with her at an event in my wing
  • Flight on a Voyager Air-to-Air Refuelling sortie
  • A couple of flights on the A400M Atlas (including one to open the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in my final year)
  • Having the opportunity to meet Sqn Ldr “Johnny” Johnson for the RAF100 celebrations
  • Assisting in holding interviews with ex-servicemen to keep their stories alive for RAF100

…I feel like I definitely did quite a fair bit! :sweat_smile: