'Exotic' kit for a new cadet

Hi there,

I am a relatively new cadet, and wondering if there is any ‘exotic’ kit (webbing, bergen, basha, stove etc) that would be needed, or if I should just wait until camps to see what is needed/if instructed to by sqn staff. I do have a lot of kit from previous purchases as I have a strong aeronautical/military interest.


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I would wait until you see what activities are available through your Squadron and what you’re interested in doing.

For your first experience of an activity, you shouldn’t need anything special or your unit (or the organisers) are likely to be able to lend you the necessary kit.


I agree with @grounded.

I’d you do want to get something the most useful thing to start with is a daysack. 25-30 litre range.

I would have said get one in tan or green rather than mtp. But there are so many people cutting about with camo bags now that I don’t think it matters. Even brands like Nike have camo in their range. You can always get a plain waterproof cover if you want to ‘civilianise’ it for whatever reason.


Yes, as I said already got a lot of kit, I am also a scout. Got a sub-DofE capacity olive daysack, used for short hikes with scouts. It is 50l, but not very bulky, and can be compressed easily.


I got it olive (not overly obnoxious MTP) so it could be used civvi and eventually when I was old enough for RAFAC.

Thanks for the feedback @WestlandScout !

Thinking ahead. I like that. You can get an mtp cover for about a tenner.

If you don’t already have them get your own mess tins and ‘58 pattern / Osprey pattern water bottle as squadron loan kit can be a bit tired.

I’d hold off getting webbing until you know if you want to do shooting & Fieldcraft but do post back here for advice when you do.

Best of luck!

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Thanks Westland!

By chance, I already have an MTP raincover, and a mess tin set! I have a cheap Kombat ‘BTP’ water bottle, but I will imagine I get a '58 pattern bottle/crusader in the future.

The gen issue ones last forever so worth shopping around for.

If you can get one marked Osprey it is slightly narrower than the ‘58 and will fit the Osprey or other after market webbing pouches properly whereas the original is a squeeze.

The serial (NSN) is 973-6665 and it will have Osprey and the year of manufacture on it.

Hi westland,

Would that fit in UGL pouch? I am having a look…

It should do, I’ll check when I’m back home this eve.


Apart from a decent waterbottle, mess tins and cutlery. I normally advise cadets not to buy anything else. Most other things can be begged, borrowed and stolen for events.


[cough] [cough] you mean “liberated” :slight_smile:


Then you have all the kit you need

You could buy loads but on the one or two times in your whole Cadet career you’ll look back and realise that the only benefit you derived from all the kit was being able to take a water bottle from a webbing pouch and not spend 5 seconds getting it out of a bag.

If you want the stuff because you collect it then that’s another thing, but as to what you need on top of just a rucksack, absolutely nothing.

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The only things I recommend Cadets spend money on are waterproofs, boots, a decent sleeping bag and a decent rucksack usually.

Specialist fieldcraft, shooting or AT kit will come later on when you may need it but the above should mean you can attend most things and be comfortable.


Boots always a good shout


Yes, hopefully if royal mail prevails ill be getting some used but decent iturris soon.