Exercise Week Signal

It’s Exercise Week Signal (page 46) this week, a simple parade evening radio exercise using any of the assigned RAFAC HF, VHF and UHF radio channels.

Yesterday evening cadets from my squadron sat there at the HF station and heard diddly-squat :frowning_face:
Any CFAV/Squadrons able to get onto November channels tomorrow evening (7-9) to talk to and make some contacts?

Possibly because it’s not been cascades down to all WRCOs?


Yeah, I didn’t even know this existed and have a keen interest in comms and radio stuff.

I’ve been going by this event list on SharePoint, although granted it does say “potential”

I did a quick search of emails and last one was form 2015

On parade evenings of the 13th - 17th March the third National Radio Exercise will be taking place; Exercise Week Signal 1. This is radio exercise does not require any radio equipment as it will be run on the RAFAC’s Channel-D online radio platform -channeld.alphacharlie.org.uk

Excuse my ignorance, but have you got more information as that link only goes to the comms thing. Sounds interesting!

Radio Portal Diary - Look here for all scheduled Radio Events
Radio Exercises - Look here for briefs on each radio exercise

Basically, log on to Channel-D and “tune” to a channel (Week Signal will be using Delta 1 and 2) then call alpha charlie until someone replies, then pass each other a codex message or similar and move on to make the next contact. Log your contacts with the online log.

My cadets have mostly really enjoyed it, although they have been rather frustrated by having no-one else to talk to.

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