Excel Spreadsheet


Hi there,

Just wondering if someone has such a thing as an Excel spreadsheet or a system to keep track of all the camps that are being offered etc? Or any other resources to help make life easier!!



I use a wall planner.


Yes we have one of those for general stuff.

I was just wondering if there was something that someone had created and willing to share so that I could track whether TG forms had been brought in, who’s applied, who’s had the space who’s paid etc - probably a long shot I know. Would do it myself but not very good with creating on excel!!


I’d be careful of what details you put in, or you may fall foul of the new rules regarding data protection…


You risk falling foul of all sorts of old rules too. They will be looking for you to store documents like this on the OneDrive they haven’t provided yet.


No worries old school wall planner it is then!!