Ex-Forces joining the RAFAC


So how do we deal with a regular serving officer leaving and joining the RAFAC? Well its Fg Off… I have no other words…


Shame; it might have made more sense if you did!


12yrs plus in Army, Capt… now Fg Officer and to do OIC…


Good. military experience does not translate seamlessly to cadet skills, especially crossing between services.


Plenty of more senior officers than that have quite happily served as Flying Officers in the ATC and AEFs.

Some ex-military adapt well to being commissioned youth workers others don’t. Instant Flying Officer recognises the past experience without assuming future competence.


so they were regular serving…now a “civilian”?

Treat them like any other adult recruit, but make their history known to the CoC as it can by-pass certain requirements


Thanks to all for the contributions - another example of a possible “conversion” course needed to cover RAFAC aspects.

Have a good weekend


Disagree entirely - I was in the Army for longer than your candidate, and reached higher rank, i joined the ACO as a CI within months of leaving the Army and needed a significant amount of time and exposure to become a Youth Leader, for that is what Sqn staff are, rather than being a very demanding and hardened (if very handsome, witty, tall and rich*) boss of seasoned, hardened soldiers on operations, which is what I was (*if not handsome, witty, tall and rich…).

The packaging might look similar, but what’s inside needs to be very different, with very different skill sets.

In my view the contrasts between what the differing organisations need from their people mean that those leaving the regular forces will take longer than a random civvy turning up at the gates to transition to becoming an effective youth leader - anyone, again imv, who takes someone who’s been a part of what can be a very hard, demanding and uncompromising environment and instantly makes them a Sqn OC or Adj/TO etc… is doing that individual no favours whatsoever, and it’s probably going to go wrong in short order - not least because that individual will have some pretty solid expectations about how other staff members will behave, and that children are, in fact, not soldiers.


Get over it. Personally, 23 years Service and left as a wg cdr. Did CI, fg off (really wanted to be a plt off), missed-out on OIC (don’t know why) and went straight to SCC whilst I was a sqn adj. Can’t wait to be a fg off again (pesky sqn cdr right now, complete with acting flt lt rank).

One thing I learnt very quickly is that RAFAC is nothing like the RAF. :slight_smile: It’s about the kids, innit? :sunglasses:



If only those coming out into senior roles realised and understood that, what a better world it would be.


i would indicate my edit is valid for those in the RAFAC


That’s nothing, I was a Flt Lt RAFVR(T) and when I joined the regulars they made me start at OCdt!



Indeed, I have photos of one of my officers when a. he was Flt Lt RAFVR(T) and b. he was about 2 stone heavier than now. One day I’ll send it to his mates in the RAF…


Fortunately I’m eternally Adonis-like so not an issue for me :wink:


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