Eurovision 2023

So it’s that time of the year again… Last year was honestly one of the first times I’ve actually enjoyed watching it, and I’m pretty sure it was because someone on here suggested it! Well, this year I’m actually looking forward to it. I barely understood what was going on last year so hopefully I can follow it a bit better this year :rofl:

See you all in 3 hours! :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:


Finland for the win!

Part the fun last year was the live commenting on here. Kinda like an air cadet watch party.

Got a social function tonight so unfortunately I’ll need to watch it on catch up :disappointed:

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“Press the red button to watch with Scouse commentary”


Im being forced to watch it despite having man flu and dieing a painful slow death

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But are you watching the normal one or the one with Scouse commentary? :thinking: (As the above quote it turns out isn’t a joke…)

Woooooooo Euro Vis.


Austria… literary wtf.

Clever joke above btw.

I think someone needs to check Serbia is doing okay…


Wtaf did I just watch? #Serbia


Poland are my best from the first 5

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What is spain wearing…

Are you 20 mins behind? :thinking:

So far this is a pretty dull affair


Yeah, all seems a bit serious so far. Where’s the silliness?

Oh wait, Finland might change that :rofl:

Finland. You heard my prayers

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My highlight so far!

Mrs Farmer hated it. Which makes me love it even more.

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Australia. Might not be Europe, but that performance was awesome!


Did Boy George do Belgium’s costume?

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