Equipment survey and inspection software!

Has anyone seen the results of the survey done with reference to inspections for PPE and weather HQAC are going to supply methods (software/subscription) of storing and recording inspections?

Otherwise what are you using to do so?

I completed two of the surveys, but I have heard nothing back since.

I keep a log of every time we climb or kayak. I have taken a list of all the climbing kit we have including serial numbers and carry out my usual pre-use inspection. I also have a friend, that has completed a PPE inspectors course with Lyon and as a favour, he does an annual thorough inspection of the kit. I also make sure all the kit is “in-date”.

Edit; nevermind, I misread thinking the results were out!

Where are the results?

We use GearLog, it’s free and EXCELLENT, can’t recommend highly enough, particularly for a free bit of kit.

Not seen any results as yet, but HQAC are looking into a corporate subscription to GearLog. I’d agree with @Threaders it’s a good option.

I wasn’t even aware there was a survey, but we use Gearlog.

I also meant to say that PPE Inspections will probably be the next new ACATI, so I imagine the results of the survey are feeding into that.

Cheers everyone, I have GearLog also so hope the subscription gets the thumbs up.

I have also used in the past AssetTiger that gives you 250 assets free and allows third party barcodes and RFID # search without having to upgrade the subscription unlike GearLog.
GearLog is much better suited to PPE inspection and tracking, fingers crossed for the barcode scanning function.

Thought that this might be the case.

Do you have any idea on time frame?

Not off hand; it’s drafted though. I’ll enquire.

If it’s being held off on to allow a corporate subscription to be bought, with procurement timescales it could be a while! No idea if that’s the case though.


@WelshML the PPE inspection bits are on hold at the moment; combination of things such as SO1 Pol&Plans & COS retiring which means getting agreement on this is probably difficult.
Investigation into the possible IT solution is also ongoing - e.g. the ACF have an inventory management module in Westminster and have paid for some staff to undergo formal PPE inspection training so I guess there are discussions being had about whether we would do similar.
So it sounds like there is a bit more work to be done before it’s ready to go so for now I guess we continue with our own systems.

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Thanks for the up date.

I see no reason why there couldn’t be a central PPE database on SharePoint. Allow sqns/wings/regions to have their own bit to upload? Have a standard format to follow?

Indeed, I’ve done something similar for Wing owned PPE in the past. It wasn’t the easiest to manage though I have to say, and a bit clunky. Something like Gear Log is much more user friendly and can be integrated with QR codes etc to make it a bit more streamlined.

I guess these are the sorts of questions that are being investigated.

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If you find someone who’s a SharePoint whizz it can be made pretty user friendly! Does gear log allow for example the WATTO to see each squadrons inventories? Or your self to see each wings inventories?

I think the corporate subscription does. I can’t remember if the free one does - @Threaders?

I think the free one does allow you to share logs like that

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It does indeed

I noticed on FB the other day, that the Sea Cadets use Defence Gateway (I think) to store training videos on how to inspect their PFD’s. Staff have to complete the online session before they can register as having inspected any PPE equipment.

I’m not a massive fan of online training, but it does make sense, to show people what they are looking for in an inspection.

I use a lot of PPE at work and there can be a very wide view of what is acceptable amongst my colleagues. In the end two staff went on a 1 week course with Lyon, for assurance purposes.