Enamel Poppy Badges

What are everybody’s opinions on enamel poppy badges?
Do you wear one with uniform instead of paper poppies?
Do you wear them in civvi life?

Thoughts on “service” badges specifically the one with the ATC Crest in the centre?

Or dare I ask would any uniform staff (SNCO or Officer) wear one with the the RAF OR beret badge style or RAF Crest in civvi life?
I can already see comments on how walty they may be unless you actually served however could there be an argument the other way? As we are now branded as the “Royal Air Force” air cadets, as they are also our parent service, and possibly an argument that as SNCO’s wear the RAF beret badge could they too wear the poppy badge emblazoned with that badge?

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.
I’ll add pictures of the badges in question.

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I think they are ok and can look smart, specifically at work on a suit where it doesn’t end up getting damaged like the conventional one

I dont wear the enamel one whilst participating in cadet activities because AP1358C says I can only wear the conventional paper one whilst on parades.

Bet you’re fun at parties :L


Just doesn’t want to see his face on a PowerPoint slide at the RWO’s conference.


I haven’t worn any form of poppy for about three years now whether in uniform or not. Even on remembrance parade. And even when selling poppies at Lidl.

I hate the way they have been co-opted by other organisations and movements for their own uses. I give money to the Legion. I dread the first two weeks of November, when the Poppy police come out to play.

I do have a lovely pin badge poppy, which I used to wear at work, it was from one of the Channel Islands and is beautiful.


I meant specifically the enamel version

I think he knew that.

I just had a read and I don’t see how it can be interpreted as that?

Sorry my original post was worded horrifically…still morning brain fog. Will go back and edit

I wear the conventional paper one. But 1358C states, that if you are on parade and wish to wear one then only the paper one may be worn for that occasion

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Always wear the official RBL enamel Poppy on everything other than uniform. I find otherwise after a day or say the traditional paper Poppy has been ruined.

I do agree with @Baldrick though, I’m not keen on the way that the Poppy has been co-opted by other organisations, and also I repulse at some of the response of the so called ‘Poppy Police’ and enforced wearings etc, it is up to each individual as to how they decide to support a Charity.

Having said that, I do understand the challenges the RBL face in general, the wearing of Poppies is for a specific period, whereas lots of other Charities have all kinds of insignia etc which can be worn all year round.

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i am in too minds
1 - they last longer, so environmentally they are a win
2 - once purchased and owned it reduces the need for a paper poppy and thus hits Poppy Appeal collection bucket totals

see above for pros and cons

the service ones i can see the appeal as a nod to prior/current service/the regiment served however
these type of badges as shared by WhoAmI (above) are not sold by the RBL and thus no money goes towards the Poppy Appeal so a double blow for the charity.

Genuine RBL poppy pins (ie where money goes to the Poppy Appeal) are available at the Poppy Shop www.Poppyshop.org.uk

I have some enamel poppies that have the RAF roundel beside them, as well as a couple of plain enamel poppies that I wear. One stays on my work lanyard all year round.

The glitzy ones like that one with the RAF cap badge in the centre look gopping, imo. And much too big.

For Poppy Scotland, their poppies are available at The Official PoppyScotland Store. Be aware though that the novelty ones are not approved for wear in uniform!

I don’t bother with enamel badges. I tend to wear a paper poppy (of which I have a few from years past!) in No2 dress, mostly as a demonstration that they can be worn and where they are warn. I also have a poster for the noticeboard.

I don’t wear any poppy in civvies - they are a scutter!

@WhoAmI Enough photos of badges please!

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Apologies it’s a new account so can only upload one at a time.