Email types

Over lockdown I am creating documents to assist the cadets on my squadron with little quick tips and information they may not know.

In it I am wanting to include a few of the different emails you’ll find on a squadron.

I understand there are the following

Is there any more that they may want to know? Thanks


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Senior NCO’s might want to know how to email the wing (or sector if thats a thing where you are) WO.
all should know how to email the Wing Sector Commander or Child Protection Officer.

We are working to supply this information to the cadets via Cadet Portal at the moment - will list the Bader email account and the rank name of the role holder.


Hate to be that guy - will it be possible in the future for staff to add names to the generic account?

You mean list all other staff who don’t have a role account against the Sqn Multi User account?

And staff cadets, yes.

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When you say “for staff to add names to the generic account” what do you mean? Where would you like the names to be visible?

So for the cadets it would appear as:

But perhaps the option to disable automatically adding names to the generic account as some people (staff cadets in particular) may not have/want access. Admittedly, it is easier and probably makes more sense just to add all staff & staff cdts without a role account to be displayed next to the generic account.

hopefully your issue will be resolved by personal accounts. although I’m not sure if Staff Cadets are included in that.

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You mean displayed in Cadet Portal?

Yeah, I was responding to James’ post

Ahhh. I’m with you. I’d missed James’ post.

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