Eligibilty for shooting

Where is the eligibilty for shooting written down? Ie you have to be aged 14 to shoot L98.

As I recall, all cadets are able to attend training for any weapon system. (I can’t find that written, but nor can I find anything written with age limits).

To fire any weapon system, you need to have received initial weapons training and hold a current weapons handling test (repeated at least every 6 months).

Since you specifically mentioned it, I’ll also add that the L98A2 is “big and heavy”, and requires a degree of strength to cock the rifle.

Any skill at arms instructor or range conducting officer has the right to tell you that you can’t take part in training or firing if they believe there is a safety risk.

If you aren’t able to handle the rifle because you aren’t physically big enough yet, that may be a reason to need to wait.

It’s possible that someone local to you has decided that 14 is a sensible indicator towards that, based on their experience. FWIW, it doesn’t match mine - I have seen younger cadets that are perfectly capable of managing the rifle.

ACP 18 Vol 3 Chapter 1 states:

“All cadets aged 12 and over should be given the opportunity to shoot.”

Age limits for weapon systems were scrapped a number of years ago I believe. Cadet just has to be physically capable of safely handing the weapon.



This is correct, eligibility based on age was removed 4-5 years ago.

ACP 18 Vol 1 will be the reference you need.

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The L98A2 also requires the individual to be “mentally capable” being a semi-automatic a gun-ho Call of Duty solider wanna-be is not the right attitude to have (although I’m yet to see anyone undertaking IWT who is mentally not capable but have seen numerous who physically struggle)


I’ve had a couple of young cadets voluntarly withdraw from L98 as they beleived they weren’t mature enough for the rifle - nothing todo with physical ability. Ironically, I think making that decision probably shows they were mature enough for it


I have had younger cadets struggle with the amount they have to take in over the 98 course, physically and mentally. Those who have already been trained on the AR or 144 do better. So when the ‘OC’s discretion’ bit comes into play, I’d advise the Boss to allow those with that experience to go forward even if they are younger.


A slight nuance I’ve seen is cadets who were strong enough to handle and control the weapon for short periods (in classroom through IWT and WHT) and the. The following day struggle maintain control at the firing point. Could be any number of reasons but fatigue is most likely.

Seen the same, several times. Self-generated pressure of live ammo? With L103s for trg, they used to be a lot smoother to use than the “rough & ready” L98s.