Elementary Coaching Course pre-reading

I am just about to do my ECC. Is there any good material I could read that would help with this course before it starts?

It’s all contained within ACP 18 Volume 2 so have a read of that and it will help.

On the course you can then put that in to practice.

It’s a shame that is over 2 years out of date with no mention of the L144A1.

What document has the L144 drills and WHT in?

Cadet Training | Skill At Arms | L144A1 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle (CSBTR)

It’s in RAFAC Key Documents > Shooting Documents (Which is becoming a dumping ground and difficult to find the KEY documents!)

I assume Chapter 4 will be removed once the transition to L144 is complete, as should Chapter 3 as the referenced Air Rifles are no longer valid (to my knowledge) and the replacements have their own PAM.

Chapter 5 is what’s relevant to the Elementary Coaching Course.

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Thanks :slight_smile: