Electronic TG21

Do we still need to fill out TG21 forms? As someone said that because the ATC is now going all digital you don’t need one because all that info is on SMS.

Yes Tg 21s are still required as far as I am aware

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It’s not quite as clear cut as that, some activities need them and some don’t.

It should be made clear to you whether one is needed or not


exactly this.

while the majority of activities are considered “low risk” and thus no need for consent forms, others such as AT are “high risk” or are overnight events and so require TG21 forms

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It tells you on SMS. For staff

Question - does it flag this to cadets automatically for cadets on cadet portal?

If not, can it please. It’s just a feed off of the icon data for SMS anyway.

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If a TG21 is needed on CP for an event, the relevant link will be displayed in CP on the event page. If a TG21 is not required, it will say so :slight_smile: