EFA and heartstart

At my squadron we’re doing EFA, but I already have heartstart, so does this mean I’ve bassicly already done it and can do other things?

It depends when you did your HS, when it expires and whether you have another FA qual. You should aim to maintain a valid first aid qualification and they’re all valid for 3 years. If yours expires in the next 6-12 months, I would do the EFA and then you’re good for another 3 years.

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EFA is the replacement for HS. If you’ve already got HS there’s no harm in doing EFA. When I start running EFAs I’ll be getting all my HS qualified cadets to do it too!

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Your heartstart will remain valid for the full three years before you need to do EFA. As for the question of whether you can do something else instead, that depends on your OC


Regardless of the currency of your existing HS qualification, first aid as a theoretical and practical discipline can be subject to huge amounts of skill fade.

For the time and effort it will take you to complete EFA, it’s worthwhile revision and practice to keep your skills and knowledge sharp.


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