eDofE (Duke of Edinburgh) help with uploading evidence

Hi all,
So my cadet is currently volunteering and is now in a position to upload his evidence onto eDofE. This is new to him (& I) as no one in the household has done any DofE before.

There was a delay in getting his log-in details and so he’d been filling in a paper copy of the Volunteering Activity log we’d downloaded from the website for the first few weeks of volunteering to ensure he didn’t forget what he’d done each weekend.

Now that he can log-in, the online requirements Text Evidence requirements (2nd screenshot) seem to bare little similarity to the pdf version.

We’re struggling to workout what he should be inputting as the pdf Volunteering Activity Log seems far more comprehensive, asking for a date for instance, which seems pretty vital to me…

Has anyone had any experience of this? and know how to complete the “text evidence” successfully please? Am I comparing Apples & Pears? Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks

You should be able to scan the filled out activity log an upload it directly as evidence.

Thanks for the reply.
So it the ‘text evidence’ not instead of, but in addition to the volunteering log?
My cadet hasn’t been told to complete the pdf/hard copy log, we just found it while waiting for the log-in details…

So what evidence they need to submit very much depends on the activity and who the assessor is.

Ultimately the only evidence that is actually required by the DofE is the Assessors report that is written by the Assessor. However additional evidence is sometimes needed/helpful to corroborate this and can all round make the evidence look better.

So as an Assessor I wouldn’t expect a log to be kept for activities that I supervise directly (so air rifle shooting as a Skill for example). Since I’m there, I know that the Cadet was present and what they did.

However if a Cadet was using cross country running in their own time for their physical fitness with me as the Assessor I would expect them to keep a PDF log and then upload it so that I can see what they have done and that they have met the minimum requirements.

The text function on eDofE is mostly used for personal statements, these aren’t required, but personally as a leader having the Cadet do a brief “I really enjoyed X Activity and I learned Y” just shows engagement in the process. You can’t make them do it, but it’s nice when they do. The same goes for Photos, they aren’t mandatory but they just make the whole section look so much better.


I’m only asking about volunteering at this point… as Skills & Sports are being done with squadron.

The assessor doesn’t work where the volunteering is taking place and so I presume evidence is essential? I’m still unclear if the Volunteering Log is interchangeable with the Text Evidence or both are needed sorry.

Yes could do this, but would you expect to wait to the end of the six months or as you go along?


I think the key is not to overthink the process.

If the Assessor is not directly involved with the volunteering then fill out the activity log over the required 3 or 6 month period. Upload it to eDofE so that the Assessor can review. They can then complete their own little write up stating that the person has met X, Y or Z requirements during their Volunteering.

Daws has given a good example on this process above.

Also remember that the assessor of each element can upload their reports directly using this link. Not required but can be useful sometimes!

Thanks Joe (& all),

I think a big problem is we don’t really understand the process! I’ve done some reading up, but actually finding examples is quite difficult…

I take it that the role of the assessor is at the charity being volunteered at? and the Leader is at the squadron?


Not over thinking, simply don’t know it!

Exactly that, yes. If the participant was volunteering at a local charity shop then the assessor could be the manager, or the person they were shadowing whilst volunteering. They can do the assessors report, but the participent should still upload something themselves explaining what they got up to etc.

Thanks Joe,

I know these are basics, but if this stuff has been explained (and a parent I can’t be sure) it hasn’t been understood and no ‘info’ has been sent home.

That’s not a complaint but just to explain why I’m asking these fairly straightforward questions…

In a lot of cases, cadets/students get info from school as well as squadron, but our school doesn’t offer DofE sadly and so we’re coming at this cold.

Once again, thanks all for the info, it really does help.