Easter camp 2023

hi all
i may being going on the Easter camp that beds and cambs wing run for central and east this year. its my first time going as a cpl, what can i expect? what did you do at the camp last year? what sort of things do i need to take (if anyone has a kit list i can look at in advance thats really helpful, i need to sort stuff in advance as im a very busy person lol)
ty in advance :slight_smile:

i strongly suggest you ask Squadron Staff they will be in the best place to know.

Of the user population on here, only a small percentage will be in the correct region/Wing and will only be able to offer you the same information that your OC/Sqn Staff or even Squadron SNCOs can offer.

However as someone who went to the B&C Easter camp some 15+ years ago I recall it was a “greens” camp - a mix of FC and AT and a case of packing everything “greens” I had - it may well have changed since though so best you ask those local than trust some randomer who attended before you were born!