Is there anything written somewhere about the use of earplugs for shooting? I have an issue in that normal ear defenders do not provide suitable protection due to a gland removal - so I am looking at custom earplugs (I already use some for motorcycling) and the same company do them for shooting… thanks


I’d get a pair and wear muffs over the top to stop people asking.
You could maybe get a doctor’s letter stating the medical justification, and some assurance that they meet or exceed the quality and attenuation of issued ear defence.


Ear defenders need to be issued for use on service ranges and to comply with the SST so don’t buy your own unless they have an NSN.

I would advise that normal ear defenders plus the soft sponge plugs would be a better option and would comply with the SST. The suitable ear defence types are attached to Cadet Training Ranges 2018 in PDF Form if you open it in adobe reader.


No one can complain if you choose to “double up” and wear something underneath.

But the safe system of training requires ear defenders be worn.


The safe system requires issued and serviceable ear defenders are worn. It’s very clear in red.