Ear worms

I’ve got an ear worm going round in my head. It’s driving me nuts. It’s Megan Traynor’s I Made You Look. I’ve even got my own lyrics now.

I could put my greatcoat on,
I could wear my nu-um-ber one,
But even with my medals o - o - o - o - on,
Bet I made you look.
(I made you look)

I look good in number 5 mess dress,
And even if my new haircut’s a mess,
And even with my PCS hoodie on,
Bet I made you look.
(I made you look)…….

I’ll get my coat on the way out…….


Fixed that for you :slight_smile:


I avidly await the studio recording that you will be releasing asap :smile:

I’ve got the clothes but I’m not pretty enough and I can’t sing, unless I’ve had a few at which time I think I’m brilliant :star_struck:

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