Ear defenders

For those going to RIAT or have been to RIAT what strength of ear defenders is recommended

if you are going to RIAT as part of the RIAT Camp you’ll be provided foam ear plugs (those yellow ones from 3M)

If you’re going to RIAT as part of a RAFAC Sqn/Wing day trip - they may provide you with the same

if you’re going as a member of the public, that is completely up to you.
the foam ear plugs work well. i see lots of kids wearing a set, which being kids size are small, basic and i doubt have proven level of protection - some are available to buy on site and for the price appeal to concerned parents as a affordable fix rather than a true source of ear protection (I am not saying they are pointless, but as for a “strength”) I guess its as good as fingers in your ears but a handsfree option.

what is recommended?
what ever you feel is appropriate. personally yellow foam ear plugs, worn correctly are more than adequate - 99% of the public don’t wear anything so difficult to indicate what is the right “level” of protection