Eagle on No. 1s

I got my hands on a No1 Jacket with no badges on and can’t find reference in the regs to the position of the Eagle badge - does anyone have any advice or guidance on this?

Feel free to point me in the right direction if I’m being dense and simply haven’t spotted it.

Try the AP 1358 c version 7

Are you sure you’ve got the right pattern of no 1 jacket? If it’s an old one that is for non commissioned then it won’t have the badges on. If it’s an officer jacket it won’t have them either. The latest pattern jackets come with them pre attached. They are central about 2.5 cm from the top seam.

It’s the same jacket as worn by the NCO in v1.07 - I was careful to match the style.

Another way of working it would be to go up from the centre-top of the Rank Badge as I know the measurement and position for that one…

If I remember rightly…
Does it not say if there are no eagles fitted do not fit them,
If they are fitted then don’t remove them…

I would check before going to all the expense and hassle

I might be lighting a fuse here but see below extract from v1.07

WO and SNCO (ATC) can wear a part worn No 1 uniform (must be of the current design pattern). FS & Sgt(ATC) will retain the eagle shoulder badge whilst WO(ATC) are to remove the eagle shoulder badge in line with the badging policy for RWO/WWOs. Trousers must match the jacket colour tone. These are not issue items and are not to be demanded through the RAF.

Is it an eagle or an albatross?

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I thought it was a shitehawk

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I am sure it’s a albatross? Legs too short for a heron, my bird recognition isn’t great, any more takers?

I was always told it was an albatross when I went through Halton. Then again we were told the beastings we got by the Reg and PTIs were good for us so i don’t know what to believe :joy:

Could it be a stork?

Judging by the beak, no.

Hmmm Could it be a swan?

Yes, if this can be a great dane: