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I’m going on a week long camp soon and this means I’ll miss two parade nights. Of course this means I’ll be on Duty Absence these nights rather than authorized absence. So do I need to enter myself as absent on the attendance tab like normal or will cadet portal automatically do this?

As I don’t want to enter myself as Authorized Absents and ruin my attendance record. Because I’m trying to get my attendance back up and I’m currently at 75.22% and having my attendance drop below 75% may cause an aneurysm as that’s what is deemed an acceptable attendance.

Just remind whoever does the registers that you’ll be away and camp and ask them to put you in as DA. Simples :slight_smile:

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I guess it is that easy, I was just hoping that with this all new cadet portal it would be a bit more sophisticated.

There may well be something in Cadet Portal that can do that, but I don’t believe there is. Maybe add it as a suggestion using the feedback function.


It’s definitely not something Bader picks up automatically, I had 4 away at camp last week and I did wonder if Bader would pick it up because they are all marked as attending on the event, but no, I had to sort manually

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Thanks, in that case I’ll mark myself as absent in cadet portal and hopefully the attendance guy will mark me as DA rather than AA.

Don’t hope - make sure. Send a message and let people know.

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I’ve just done it, and in the reason for absents I put, “Duty Absents - RAF Fairbourne”.

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Some OCs will take attendance levels into account when it comes to camps/courses/promotions.


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