During work hours?

How much time do you commit to RAFAC

In the above thread people discussed how much time we all give to RAFAC overall. My query is how much of that time is during our “normal” working days vs evenings/weekends/off-shift time?

For me - I am self-employed so have the ability to “dip in and out” of RAFAC work during my working day without upsetting the boss :upside_down_face:. Clearly I am sacrificing paying work to volunteer work which I am able to by making up paid hours at other times.

What about everyone else? How do you balance work and our “hobby”? Has working from home helped?

Probably about an hour a day of RAFAC work at the moment around my day job. I have av very flexible day job so it’s not in detriment to it but certainly during the hours I am on shift.

I do the majority of my admin away from the unit to allow me to actually get involved with the cadets. This means that I am checking and responding to emails either during working hours or during the evening whilst in front of the TV. I rarely do it over the weekend unless it is a wet one as I want to have some spare time to myself and the family!

I’m lucky in that some times with my job I’m waiting on machines to do their thing for a while so it gives me time to do some admin on my phone. Spend 3 minutes loading machine, sorting, then 5 minutes of “free” time. (This isn’t all the time though!!) This was great when I’ve been an adj as I can actually deal with some email traffic and basic bits during the day.

I was/am also lucky in that I have a great boss, and am senior enough in the business that I can sort of take time if required. For example urgent phone calls etc.

This actual time at work only really accounted for a very small amount of total time put in. But it helps being able to keep up with email, read new policy etc whilst at work! :smiley: Most of my time actually doing admin would be done at home.

I dare not say in case someone is watching.

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I have been told that a certain former Regional Commandant (aka The Short One) could get very demanding of his OC Wgs and WSOs, and categorically expect things to be done by the volunteer cadre during the working day!

I don’t think The Short One liked it when advised by one volunteer that the ATC didn’t pay the mortgage and that he’d have to wait!


I used to do a lot during my working day. Now it depends, paperwork days I still do a reasonable amount, but on other days I might upset people like @Baldrick if I was doing cadet stuff rather than listening to him ramble on. Not that I’ve had the pleasure yet

This is primarily the reason I have refused to do OC again, after a shortish initial stint. I don’t have the flexibility to work on RAFAC stuff on someone else’s timescales.

There is a reasonable chance i could get some (maybe an hours worth) of admin done at some point during the traditional working week, but when WHQ expect you to be at their beck and call - Nope!

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Working Dolly Parton hours, I have a simple rule for this: no cadet activity in working hours.

Very occasionally, I’ll do something over lunch.

In exceptional circumstances, I’ll take a very short call during working hours. I think I’ve done this twice in the last 3 years.

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But I also believe that the volunteer didn’t last much longer in post!

I have a job where my dinner break isn’t guaranteed, nevermind finding time for RAFAC admin, so it rarely gets done in working hours.

I take the odd hour before bed here and there. I’m not an OC, but I am being ‘asked’ to do it a lot lately. I simply couldn’t take on that burden at the moment and I take my hat off to everyone performing that role, especially in units that are poorly staffed.

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I must admit I’m finding it increasingly difficult to manage the demands of an Organisation of which I’m a volunteer.
I’ve managed to wangle 2 ‘admin nights’ during the week (thanks to AOC Home), but even then I find that time runs out.
As has been said, I am out with the cadets on parade nights, which means that my day starts once they’ve all gone home, and it’s not unusual for me to get home past 2300. With so many emails bouncing round now my phone is on silent during the day.

Maybe we should all start working to the minimum commitment level and see what happens (throws grenade and retires gracefully)…

***Edit…I have a staff team who work equally as hard, i most certainly don’t keep it all for myself ***

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I’m quote fortunate that I have an MOD laptop so I can do alot of my AEF admin from home (and believe it or not there is quite a bit). I’m also a shift worker so if the weather is grim after work I’ll catch up on some admin from home.

As an example, I spent 2 hours yesterday doing the AEF allocations for the rest of the year our Cadre of cadets. I’m also available most of the time to answer phone calls or sort issues.

However, back when I was a Sqn Cdr and WSO I’d do my admin from home which drove my wife nuts but there wasn’t enough time to do it on a squadron parade night. I had to limit my time doing admin then but I’d just end up going to a parade night a couple of hours early to sort everything in peace and quiet.

I really don’t think that those in the higher echelons realise fully what we give.