Duke of Edinburgh


I filled the form to start DofE and gave it to my adjutant last year in December. I still have not done anything for DofE, all I have done is the map reading lessons you do in the First Class Cadet Log Book. Whenever I ask about doing DofE to my NCOs they say ‘You can start it whenever you want,’.
Can someone tell me how to start my Bronze Award?


Have you received your e-DofE login details?


How old are you?


Who? Me?


Have you looked at the DofEA website to find out all the activities you can use towards the award? If not this would be a good place to go once you have your log in. Being in the ATC is an easy win for skills and service, talk to you staff for this, WRT the physical element, do you do any sports? If so, that will count, if not, again look at the website for the plethora of options available. Rather than saying you want to start the award, have you actually asked for guidance??


Do you have a Squadron DofE Officer, hopefully they will guide you through your bronze award. Doing your Leading counts as your Skill section for example.


Age is key to starting the DofE properly. I have had parents from the last 2 intakes ask about it and their offspring starting and they just aren’t old enough, some have just turned 13 and some still not yet 13. I’ve told them they need to be 13½+. it makes you wonder if they listened when I spoke about DofE at our intake presentation evening and then if their kids look at the posters around the sqn.


Bronze is for anyone in year 9 or higher
Silver is for anyone in year 10 or higher
Gold is for anyone over 16


I’m 14 and have not received any e-DofE login details.


See here for more information on ages for starting the scheme, your staff should be able to supply the eDofE log in information - assuming that it has been actioned.


The login details will have been sent to the email address you put on your enrolment form.

Try checking your junk/spam folder.

The best thing to do is ask your staff for an update as they have the power to fix it unlike any of us :grinning: