Duke of Edinburgh assessor / student ratios on expeds

Anyone know where it’s written down what the ratio of staff to students is needed for DofE expeds? It’s not in ACTO74 as we expected.

Would it not just be in the ACATIs under whatever the mode of transport is?

You must have 1 Supervisor per group and as such the ratio is 1:7 or 1:8 depending on the mode of Transport. This is above and beyond the normal ratios as laid out in the ACATI where it is more generous. (So the normal 1:10 for Trekking).


1 qualified supervisor can supervise up to two teams with the help of an additional competent assistant (who doesn’t have to hold a qualification)

ACATI 026 Para 14 - Supervising Multiple Expedition Teams

In terms of assessors, the maximum number of teams for any one assessor is 4.

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Correct, but the Competent assistant must be able to evidence that they have undertaken an appropriate NGB course within the past 3 years, that they are still actively working towards the qualification and that they have a 16 hour First Aid Course.

ACATI 026 - Para 14

Plus this only applies in Lowland Terrain, in Wild or Remote Country you need a Supervisor per group.

“An Assessor may assess upto 3 teams dependant on terrain and proximity of groups” ACATI 026 - Para 21

Thanks all, I think between this and some direction from our WAtO we might have come upon something vaguely agreed on.

Inconsistent with the DofE guidance.

What else is new?

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