Drum Major Tapes

If I ask my squadron to make a clothing demand for 8455-99-869-4755 (Drum Major tapes), will it cost them anything? Not sure whether to just get Combat Logos to make me a pair.

I’m interested to know also.

Combat logos look like they will embroider onto GPJ fabric instead of the woven nylon that other rank slides are made from. Also there’s a 3 pair minimum order.

Yes that’s what I thought seemed a bit odd. And I preferably want proper issue ones to guarantee the pattern is right

Managed to get a pair. £20 :worried:

Ouch! Where from?

Ebay. Only one pair for sale (and the only pair I’ve ever seen for sale that were correct)

The only Drum Major rankslides purchasable are via Ebay - the £20 ones were commissioned by a Squadron down in the South after there was an interest a few years back. They’re extremely hard to come across, and anyone who finds them for less than £20 must say. I am a Drum Major for my Region, and I purchased those £20 ones. They’re the correct ones, I believe and are authorised under AP1358C. The other accoutrements can also be found there.

Aye, got some now. Cheers.