Drum Major Drill

Would anyone know where to find the instructions for drum major drill (The person that leads the front of the band)
I found this video which helps you see what it should look like, but I wanted to know whether there’s a set AP with all the timings etc in it. Basically something like AP818 but for drum major drill.

I’ve found this so far, anyone else got anything different?


ACP633 available on Sharepoint


The Mace drill is particular for most commands but whet you do in-between is down to the individual. I dont know why the cadet in the video is waving his arms about as its not par for the course but its different I suppose. It wouldn’t gain any marks from me. Also looking up at the mace when he brings the band to a halt at the end is a big no no. Also at mark time, the DM legs are to be raised only 45 degrees not 90 as in the video

My advice, have confidence in your drill manoeuvres. Dont spin or throw the mace unless you feel comfortable doing it and if thats what you want to do, practice with an old mace is you have one or a weighted broom handle.

Awesome, cheers for that! Helps a lot!


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That video of Drum Major drill is now completely outdates - that’s a Cadet Flight Sergeant wearing a GPJ. As said, refer to ACP633 for the new styles. However, it is best to refer to images, as parts don’t correlate with the text.

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