Drone Rules for Air Cadets

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Can anyone provide me with the latest policy on use of Open Category drones by Air Cadet (1) units and (2) personnel on duty?



You can’t.

And words


You can indoors!


Thanks, could you provide a link to the policy document?

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IBN 028-2021

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Thanks Joe.

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No problem! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Minor snag, no idea of my Bader login (I’m a regular).

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The document isn’t protectively marked, so here:

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Also, to help with the Bader issue. Assuming you are a full SI, you should be able to go to this website and type in your Bader personal address to reset the password via your mobile number and/or private personal email. If you don’t know your (Bader) email it is likely firstname.lastname100@rafac.mod.gov.uk. So for me would be joe.bloggs100@rafac.mod.gov.uk

That personal email will allow you access to SharePoint!

Thanks Joe, all super gen. I’ll reach out to Comdt 2FTS and The LASER rep accordingly. I’ll also sort my Bader out!

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Only with a load of permissions and insurance …

If you are a standalone Spooner hut you might be in with a chance. Reserve or joint cadet centres are much harder.

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That’s only if you ask first…

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Do let us know if you make any progress. I haven’t heard of anyone managing to get a cadet flying a drone outdoors since that IBN.

I’ve seen it! But not sure if rules were being followed or broken… In theory the IBN says you can get permission. But even the Aerospace Air & Space camp didn’t do it… Indoors only.

I’ve seen it.
Several times.

It was the ACF :smiling_face_with_tear:

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