Drone registration

Has anyone gone online to register a unit drone yet?

The process for registering to an organisation is pretty poor. Essentially, you still end up with one nominated individual who is required to give their personal information (home address, email) and pay for it themselves with a credit card. They don’t seem to have anything properly in place between commercial ops on the one hand, and private individuals on the other. They’ve not really thought through how it might work for clubs, cadets, scouts, etc. As a result if/when I move jobs, it’ll still be registered to me and will have to be changed.

The pilot registration/test is very simple and common sense - although I don’t see why children can’t operate a drone under the supervision of a qualified adult but must register themselves. This means they have to provide an email address which I am not sure is GDPR compliant as there doesn’t appear to be a minimum age (and below a certain age they can’t consent under GDPR). Also, there is no provision to say to the CAA ‘you know me, I am a pilot and have a CAA number’ - you are creating a new entry on a new database with no link to their existing ones.

All rather gash.

That is a very interesting question. I guess that would be a really interesting “prop” (if you’ll forgive me a Dad joke!) for Principles of Flight etc

Just make sure you are OK to fly it at your location - being a private school site it’s not an issue for me but there are hoops to jump through for MOD and RFCA sites.

You dont need to register if you’re a member of the BMFA.
which I hope.you are anyway already for insurance. As that’s what the acto states you need to have.

Also drones under 250g are exempt. It is still good practice to sit the online test (which is free).

You do not need to pass the test or register if your drone or model aircraft is less than 250g, or you’ll only fly indoors or in a securely netted area. You must still follow the rules and regulations when you fly.

Restrictions on use on MOD/RFCA Estate still apply, but you can legally fly small drones or R/C aircraft in, say, a sports hall with the owner’s permission. As Paracetamol says, join BMFA for insurance.