Drone registration renewal

Has anyone else a. registered as a drone operating ‘organisation’ as their sqn/section; b. had the renewal notice recently?

I get stuck in an infinite loop of ‘enter your details; enter the six digit code we sent you; click here to renew’ which keeps taking me back to the same page…

Registering with who?

I know of a Sqn who have remote controlled aircraft, they register via the BMFA who provide their insurance and also handle the CAA part too.

From what I understand, all straight forward via the BMFA.

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Tim, exactly the same for me, tried it with different browsers too = still stuck

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Who and what are you trying to register with?

The CAA I assume. Considering drones (over a certain weight) and their operators are legally required to register with them. Each cadet flying the drone needs to register and pass the theory test

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My understanding is that it is each instructor only.

One of my journo friends commented about this on Twitter a week or so ago? Similar issues for several people.

The CAA website says everyone flying it needs to do the theory test, it makes no mention that I can find of an exemption for pilots in training. On top of that the “operator” (read owner) needs to register. Although if you’re part of an official organisation then that aspect may be covered for you

I agree with @Farmerdan here - in fact, this was a lockdown activity for us :slight_smile: