Drone course for cadets

Interesting… Sounds like something to do with ACPS students?

Or is the term “Air Cadet” being used to describe those training to fly passenger jets?

Drones and RC Aircraft is definately something we should be doing more of in the RAF Air Cadets!

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No mention of the “Air Cadets” in Skyborne’s press release.

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A lot of flying schools use the term cadet for trainee pilots who have spanked 100k on full time integrated training… So probably using the term in a similar scenario


Sounds 100% the reason.


Have been banging on about RC model flying for some time, have a staff member heavily involved. The problem is lack of direction from up top, discussions have been had around recognising cadets who gain their Bronze award with the relevant overseer group (SAA/LMA) with a badge but to no avail. You can get badges for near enough everything these days but not one for flying!! It also inputs into Principles of Flight training.

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Well, if your staff member was up for putting together some guides as to has to get started, or as we start to have face-to-face activity, CFAV Intro day’s for your wing/region.
Without leadership from the top, someone needs to fill the void :wink:

I’d be all for some model or drone flying (can’t bring myself to call it piloting!)… Although have done neither myself. It would be great if we could get an approved syllabus put together. As long as its aims are sensible…

UAV’s are the future, especially for combat.

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I looked into doing some of this under the STEM banner a while ago, the hurdle was the need for insurance more than the approvals. The BMFA are meant to have a policy but I struggled to get responses from them.

They have always been very good to us.

You sign 1 adult instructor up as a member.
Then 3 to 4 student rates.

You can then have an instructor teach 3/4 cadets.

Easy peasy.
Phone them, the girls in the office couldnt be more helpful!

Yeah, same as you @GoodEgg, I’ve got no real experience of it and too many hobbies already!

ACTO 75 is the policy on all flying things remote control, but the most important paragraph is as follows:

Make contact, where practicable, with local specialist clubs. Such established clubs and organisations can provide invaluable operating advice, and possibly offer qualified instructors to supervise activities.

I’ll give it another go

is there still the restriction on the flying of drones over MOD property - which a Squadron compound is included in this?

i know only a minor niggle as the work around is walk down the road to the local park - but for some that isn’t a straightforward option…

That went 12 months ago

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Thanks all - The query was answered in the first reply. Rubbish journalism.

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