Hey all , can somebody send me a list of all the correct foot all the most important drill movement , please no links to Bader


Ask your Sqn staff.
Google RAF Drill manoeuvres.

Really ask your staff.


If you google AP818 there will be a copy of it. Given the fact it hasnt been updated in 20+ years im 99% sure itll be correct



List of movements and correct foot is given early on.


In AP818 (once you have a copy) it is in Part 1, Chapter 1, Annex A
Look at pages 1-1-A 1 and 1-1-A-2 (real pages 16&17)


I’ve looked at that but it’s different than what I’ve been taught on squadron


Whatever you’ve been taught on Sqn, the way stated in AP818 is the correct version.


Well what you know is wrong then.