Drill Sequence 2019


Has this years Corps Drill Sequence been realeased yet?


Nope. Ive asked the Corps Drill WO for an update.

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Can you give me a buzz when you receive it?


I don’t understand why we have to have drill sequence that keeps changing.
Is it for select SNCOs to justify their positions?


Really? Because we have explained it to you before.
I am guessing you won’t be involved in the competition anyway, so don’t worry your petty little head about it.


The cadets are, not me personally.
Try and rationalise it all you like, but changing it for the sake of changing is a pointless process and adds nothing.


I think it keeps it fresh and in a way minimises the chance of the same Sqn winning year on year

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This does not surprise me.

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Keeps it fresh and also it introduces some different movements which are otherwise often overlooked.
Previously it’s introduced Left Form; Last year it introduced the concept of “Squad will advance/retire” and simulated a march past in line. These scenarios which few staff and even fewer cadets would ever normally be exposed to can then be built upon and put to use in actual parades.


There’s also the chance that you could potentially compete in 6 or 7 consecutive years. It levels the field slightly for Squadrons entering the first time while keeping it interesting for those returning every year.


for the same reason a quiz doesn’t have the same questions each time.

be that a pub quiz, University Challenge or Mastermind, the questions are different…

…if it were the same there would only be reason to know the same dozen moves for the lifetime of a Cadet


It also promotes that squadrons teach Drill to it’s full potential, instead of our organisation just ignoring areas we couldn’t be bothered with, means that even the most experienced cadet and CFAVs still have things to learn.

Personally this idea is much better as it means that squadrons arnt just teaching the sequence as that’s all the drill they need to do, which when I was cadet was true we didn’t get to learn anything outside of the sequance.


So now this is out, can someone who speaks drill explain it to me?

On the command ‘Get on Parade!’ it states that the Squad Commander now joins the flight." Does that mean simply that they march from where they spoke to the marker? I’m not sure where they were that means they would have to move.

Then for the whole ceremonial section, where does the flight commander march? The page numbers/lessons highlighted just deal with the basic movement, not the more complex aspect of the flight commander moving around the flight, and at various times the flight changes direction and dressing in ways I’ve never seen in a formal parade.

For instance, the flight marches off to the dais’ left in column of threes, then left wheels, so far so standard, so the flight commander would be at the front of the column.
The flight then left turns before it goes past the dais, where does the flight commander go then? To the flight’s side??



Yes. It’s nothing complicated; they just march to take their position front and centre - as anyone would when taking over control of a flight.

They effectively stay where they are in relation to the flight. That is - centred and to the side when the flight is in Column of Threes, and front and centre when the flight is In Line.

No. He or she stays where they are. They turn along with the flight and the flight is now marching past In Line - They are now Front and Centre of the flight. When they get to the other side of the square and the flight halts and then turns about (before marching past in slow time) The flight commander needs to march around to take their position to the new front.

Think “Trooping the Colour”.

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Ah, I get it now. There’s a difference between column of threes and column of route!

Thanks, it makes sense now.


Since the sequence is the same as the 2018 sequence, there will be examples on YouTube from last year.

Obviously take care which examples you choose as accuracy and interpretation will vary between squads :slight_smile:


Every 2018 corps entry:


Yes, that’s right.

…For example, DON’T copy Chichester CCF at the beginning of that video above, because they’re wrong!

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I spotted that. Thanks!