Drill Manual Needed

Okay this is a bit of a long shot but hopefully someone out there will be able to help.

A work colleague is helping to set up and run a police cadet corps and to help with discipline and teamwork, they have to do drill.

However no one has been able to find anywhere a manual for foot drill for use by UK police forces. Closest thing out there is the one for the indian police force but thats about it.

Ryton & Hendon have drawn a complete blank as it appears that when teaching foot drill, the training centres try and get a student who is ex-forces or ex-cadet to run the training sessions, hence why they don’t know it and why the drill of regulars is a massive patchwork of standards and methods. 818 can’t be used as Police drill is half Army/RAF and half-navy with the foot drill being the slidey feet thingy but commands being Army (but nobody really knows I kind of just guesses).

I did read that there was a WSO in North region who organised a police band but I have no idea if he is still involved with either the ACO or the police.

Short of going through the national archives or museums, is anybody able to help?

All replies gratefully received :slight_smile:

Look out for a PM later.