Drill Inspection Marking Instructions

Hi all,

I have been searching the Internet looking for an inspection marking scheme. I have found a table format one however I am specifically looking for the one with the silhouette of a cadet. The errors are then circled on the image.

Please Help

Have you looked at the latest version of the ATC drill competition sequence as per ACTO120?

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Unfortunately, when it takes me to cadet portal it says I don’t have access to this. Thank you though.

I have and there doesn’t seem to be any marking instructions there.

Then you haven’t looked at the right document - it is on page 7 of the document that Giminion linked to.
If you don’t have access you should find somebody who does to get you a copy - you aren’t likely to need it any time soon anyway.

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I wouldn’t be suprised if any one would need one until 2021…

We go back to cadets in Sept which leaves 3 months to do Wing, Regional and National Comps…that is a nightmare to train a team, make sure they are all free on all those dates and actually get them there

Could you do the wing competition at the end of that period, film everyone and then regional and corps championships are done electronically? (I know it’s far from ideal)

Just have a year off. Everything else is going to be cancelled, no reason for drill to be special!

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That would be my preference to be honest. The 2020 sequence is the same next year already.

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We had about that time to prepare for our regional AST this year as it was before Christmas

We managed to train a team for regional AST this year in about 3 months granted we mostly knew the drill it was all down to us just getting the timings together and practicing. However, the team who came 1st in our regionals had only got together to practice about 2 weeks before the AST according to their OC so i guess it is possible to train a team up to scratch although i get the whole them not being free and the logistics of traveling might be an issue to organise. That said 3 months is quite a bit of time to rejig things if needed