Drill 'Dismiss' order

Just been looking at the ‘Dismiss’ section of the ACP19 Drill Manual - could anyone please explain why a ‘right incline’ is to be performed on a dismissal order? In addition, does the ‘officer on parade’ dismiss order assume that the officer is on the right and ahead of the parade (in order to receive the salute)?


We no longer use ACP19 - this was replaced with the RAF’s Drill Manual (AP818) about 6/7 years ago.

A quick google search will pull up some copies of AP818 :slight_smile:


to answer this question - this is to allow those saluting to not knock each other out.

when facing front (or to the side) dressings are such that a long (or poorly swung arm) could knock the neighbour to the right.
By inclining this is less likely to occur


Which direction do the army swing their arm?!


Its scary to think acp19 is still being used :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:


No. The officer can be anywhere and the incline is not intended to point at the officer. As the subsequent move is for the squad to march forward 4 paces then break step, any officer (or other person) they are aiming at needs to make sure they get out of the way smartish :wink:

The army (to my knowledge) do a right turn instead of a right incline, so that being in open order serves to avoid the collisions. I guess 45º is too complicated for the pongos :wink:


Ahhhh. Makes far more sense than some backward windmilling action!

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Love a good TLV, me.


It has only been just over 7 years since it was replaced. These things take time!

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My cadets were doing that the other day, despite not one of them being in the ATC when ACP19 was destroyed? WHERE DID THEY LEARN THIS HERESY‽

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Staff, or a string of cadets who were never corrected. TLV has been “gone” for longer than ACP19.

They may as well just bring it back, it’s never gonna die anyway!

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But then we would spend the next decade trying to kill off the new old version.

This is one issue in the CCF. We get some from the CTT telling us on parade we all need to do army drill for uniformity and then others saying we do our own as we form up in sections anyway. I’m sure that many CCFs only do army drill full stop.

I’m sure we don’t use ACP19; we just don’t have a comprehensive drill manual lying around and ACP19 was the 1st thing that showed up on Google :smiley:

You should be looking at AP818, which also happens to be on google.