Drill Commands

How do i improve my drill commands i formed up tonight for the first time and i would like to know how to improve.


What is wrong with them?

  • Don’t believe that you need to bark and scream the commands. You do need to project your
    voice a little (more if your squad are further away :wink: ) and adopt a confident, commanding tone.

  • Know the correct commands and use them.

  • Know which foot (if any) each command is given on and try not to get that wrong.

  • Follow the proper timings when you give the commands (as per page 1-1-3 of AP818)

+1 for incubus’s comments.

Feel confident and comfortable (it shows if your not) and make sure you are switched on before you even open your mouth. Make sure you breath properly.(I’ve seen people hold their breath between commands,going blue in the face is not a good look!!)
Most of all try and enjoy the experience.


First of all, learn all the correct commands. There is no point working on an excellent drill voice and then get all the commands wrong. When you know all the correct commands you will be able to build confidence.

very important to use your stomach to push out the words, don’t use your throat.

-Practice, practice and practice
-Try learn all the drill commands and which foot they are called on. All found in AP818 v7.
-Use the I.C.E principles (Introductory, Cautionary, Executive)this can also be found in AP818 v7
-Use the SNCO’s on your sqn to evaluate and give you constructive feedback