Drill Cadence Songs

Afternoon all. I was wondering if there are any songs that you use at Squadrons for drill. I remember a couple from back when I was a cadet but they would not be termed ‘appropriate for these times’

Any suggestions?


Aim for 116bpm…but anything between that and 120bpm will do, not that anyone could tell the difference…although if its for competition training I’d suggest training slightly slower as cadets have a tendancy to naturally speed up on competition day


I enjoy that Highway to Hell works quite nicely.

Might also be worth looking at the marching songs book that the RAF Marching people used to produce. Most of those can be set to some cadence.

I’ve never used “Cadence calls” for drill… It’s terribly American. :stuck_out_tongue:

Road marching on the other hand… there are lots of ‘favourites’ (and some not so) in the WARMA song book to which Bob refers.


Yeah it’s proper gash

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Michael Jackson - Bill Jean was always a good one to start drill cadence with as it maintains the beat all the way through

Yeah, I’m not sure singing Michael Jackson songs around kids…

The actual, proper answer to this is, of course, that if you’ve got energy to sing, you’ve got energy to walk faster…

Yeah, the Wanderer by Gary Glitter is a much better option at 118 bpm


‘Two little boys’ is in the original WARMA songbook.


I’m getting the word…

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You know what I’m going to say…

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Clinton Baptiste certainly does… :wink:

I think we ought to draw a divide between ‘marching songs’ which help keep everyone in step and boost morale on long route marches, and music suitable for drill displays.

It’s a bit of a ‘Venn diagram.’


Incidentally, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” runs at the right cadence for drill.

Appropriate for RAFAC, wouldn’t you say?

If only it weren’t such a god-awful dirge…

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Just had a little chuckle looking through this Spotify playlist :sweat_smile:

Spotify 116BPM