Drill and Ceremonial?

So, which wings are invited for D&C camp this year? Also is a WHT on the L98 required? Sqn staff said yes but ACP 18 says no.

WHT not required, they use L116A1 rifles which are drill purpose (welded shut)

It looks to be for all regions too.

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D&C 2023 is open to all ATC and CCF(RAF) cadets and CFAV from all regions. There is no set allocation of male and female places for either cadets or staff.

Drill Syllabus. All cadets attending the main camp will engage in a progressive syllabus of arms drill modules and assessments, using the L116A1 rifle. Cadets are not required to hold a WHT to undertake Arms Drill training (ACP18 Chap 4, para 27).

I thought that although no WHT was needed, lessons 1-4 were still needed to be taught?

Or is it the case that you can use L98s for arms drill with only lessons 1-4 and no WHT? With L116 requiring nothing?

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This is true, however actually getting good evidence that you’ve completed lessons 1-4 is not really simple unless taught on the same course, so most just require a WHT or previously held one as it’s something that shows up on SMS.

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The quote is direct from the calling notice.


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