Dos and Don'ts for VIPs visiting a squadron event

Hi everyone, what are the standard dos and donts for dealing with VIPs when they visit a squadron event - dining in night etc, where they might have a speaking part or handing out rewards?

Should there be a line party etc? Who should look after the VIP - the CO or a delegated other etc.

Is it a dining-in night, or an etc?

I would’ve thought there are general rules that apply.
My boss has invited a ret’d 2* to our dining in night which usually doubles as an awards do too.

For a dinner the normal convention is for the VIP to be met by the PMC & introduced to the OC, Chair & other “top table” guests on arrival & left to mingle at the end.

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I’d detail someone to meet him/her at the car and escort them to the PMC.