DofE tips, pointers and advice

We are doing DofE soon, and we had a whole parade night dedicated to what we would need, and i dont have sone of it like walking boots, tent, ect. What are the stuff ill need, any advice would do other than carrying what i take.
Also, what do we do inbetween and what do you do when you walk ect. Advice, info, tips anything would be helpful. Also if anyone has any names of a decent place i could get stuff from would really help! Thankyou in advance x

I really would ask your unit, as they may have contacts/special discounts. A place called ‘Access expedition’ does good, DofE-minded stuff. On a whole, nationwide stores like Mountain Warehouse, Cotswolds, Blacks & Millets & Ultimate Outdoors and GoOutdoors are all good. You can get discounts through most of them at varying amounts, either through cadets or DofE cards.


Many units will be able to lend you some equipment, usually the more expensive items like a rucksack, sleeping bag, waterproofs, tent, stove, map and compass. Make sure that you speak to staff before buying anything just for DofE.


Ok thanks!