DofE skills

I have just done an L98 course and I am qualified, could I use this for skills for DofE or does it need to be spread over the time ?
If you can help it’ll be great thanks

It’s not just doing the L98 course, it’s using the training and practices over a period of time to build your experience, your ‘marksmanship’ skills.

You can use ‘Markmanship’ as a ‘skill’ over the required period. Do the training, get on Wing Shoots, improve your marksmanship skills and bingo you’ve the ‘Skills’ section.


A DofE section needs to be an average of one hour per week over the required period. You can’t do it all in one or two weekends. You can use it towards a larger goal such as Marksmanship as suggested above.

As people have said it needs to be an average of 1 hour per week over the 3-6 months that you are doing the Section for.

What is enough of a spread is up for debate but for me if someone did 4 full (separate) days in a 3 month period that would be enough.

So your Weekend training would be the start of the period. If I was your assessor I would expect you to now go and do a number of shoots over the next few months.


Not just attending, for me there would need to be something to demonstrate development/progression.

Development is the difference between the start and the end, since they couldn’t shoot the weapon before they were starting at zero. So as long as they hit the target that’s is development/improvement.

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